There is so much fuss about solar powered systems and their importance in generating clean energy. The introduction of Non pressure water solar system is seen as the most stable and most affordable solar water heatersystem that requires little or no maintenance. There has been a lot of research on this system prior to its design and manufacture. Interestingly, this Blueclean model provides a non pressurized thermosyphon heating system, an unbeatable technology that transforms heat to the water tank through heat absorbent collectors.

How it works?

It systematically absorbs the sun rays and provides enough heat to the fluid in the collector.  Once the fluid heats, it is absorbed into the top of the collector panel and flows directly into the tank, causing the cooler fluid in the tank to flow to the base of the collector panel. This entire process is repeated again, which ensures continuous circulation in the system. The Non pressure thermosyphon solar water heater is designed in such a way that the storage and solar collector are attached together with the collector panel at the base and the cylinder storage at the top. Its design makes it easy to maintain because there is no need for pipeline to be placed between the storage and collector. Also, you don’t need a pump to drive the fluid. It is one of the most affordable and simple systems for getting heat power from the sun.

Features of the non-pressure solar heating system

This solar heating system has some amazing features that make it the most ideal choice for many households. Below are some of its great features.

1. It is designed with argon-arc welding technology that ensures long lifespan and no leakage. Each of the system’s water tanks has been soaked in water and fully tested with 0.05MP pressure to make sure there is no water leakage under high pressure condition.

2. It is sturdily built with a food-grade stainless steel with a thickness of 0.41mm which keeps the water drinkable and clean.

3. Its insulation layer is designed using high density integrated foaming with a thickness of 55 mm. The system has an emission rate of 5% and an absorbing rate of 93% – 96%.  This makes it highly heat efficient. Because the product has been properly tested, the company offers an amazing 5 years usage warranty.

What are the benefits or advantages of the System

There are many reasons why the non pressure solar water heating system is way ahead of its peers. First, the vacuum tubes can last for about 15 years. It also has a strong resistance, is reliable and produces a stable performance. Amazingly, it can preserve heat for up to 72 hours.

The system also has additional accessories such as assistant tank and electric heater (in case you want to heat with electricity).

Overall, the Non pressure solar system is a simple and reliable solution for water heating. It has a simple process as the vacuum tubes absorb the solar radiation and converts it into heat, which is then transferred into the water. The thermosyphon effect will then ensure that the cold water goes down automatically as the hot water rises up.  Besides, the system has a reasonable and scientific design and is quite easy to install.  If you are looking for a very reliable and long lasting solar water solution, there are very few brands out there that can beat this thermosyphon model in terms of efficiency, quality, and heat emission rate.